Effortless love.

The effortless love of being in love.

The love that is so easy, so unconditional, so comforting.

The love that makes you whole..literally it fills all the holes your heart has ever had.

The love that makes you smile with just a thought..and brings tears to know it was meant just for you.

A soul mate. The other half to your puzzle. The one that loves your flaws…which makes you love them even more. The one that knows, without a word, exactly what you need. The owner of the hugs that make your world not feel like it’s crumbling.

You are probably wondering if this person exist for you..and the answer is yes. But you need to know also..you are this person for someone.

I love when I see a couple and they just compliment each other so well…just the vibe they put off, you know they are a power couple!

I love love. It’s like my favorite topic!

I think it is something that gets overlooked so much because so many people nowa days don’t really believe in it.

They think they don’t need someone because they are independent. That makes me sad for them..who doesn’t want someone to share their life with???

I do believe there is someone for everyone…..

go find em and love em hard πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


A trip to Heaven.

If i could take just one trip to Heaven, it wouldn’t be enough.

FOUR long years ago, my grandpa stepped into Heaven. He had been sick for some time and the cancer was just too much. He was ready to go to the other side, he told me one day “it’s just so much better there than here! I’m ready” and my heart knew that day, it wouldn’t be long.

He was my best friend. The man that helped mold me into this feisty but sweet woman.


We would go fishing a lot, it was his favorite thing to do. And because it was his favorite — it was also mine. He also loved to cook! Mostly anything us grand-kids liked or asked for! He ALWAYS put us first. There is six of us and he loved us more than life, literally.

My mom tells me often, when my kids BEG and CRY to stay at her house, ” you would do the same thing to stay at your Momma-Nita and Paws”. Every weekend just about, was spent with them! and I soaked up every last minute of it!

My pawpaw cooking french toast, eggs, bacon and sausage on a Saturday morning…nothing more i could’ve wanted!

I miss that man, oh do i miss him!

When we as a family first learned my grandpa had cancer, i remember being old enough to know what it meant, but not old enough to understand what it meant. I didn’t understand the fight he was about to endure. The courage it would take. The motivation he would need. The support he would need. The decision he would have to make. I was just not old enough to get that part of life.

He was never, ever scared. He said his heart was in the right placed, and he believed. If anyone thought he was scared — they were wrong.

He never lost the happiness, and he never stopped telling us it was all going to be okay. He was so at peace with what was coming – it was hard for me to understand how someone could be so calm, so happy, — so ready.


His death has took a part of my heart.

Although i do think about him every single day, some days are harder. Some days i feel him close to me, talking, laughing — teaching me even still. I know when I get that lump in my throat, he is here. I know he is watching over my children, my family, and I know in my heart – he is proud.

I wish he was here so my children could experience the love of Paw — there was and is nothing like it.

If i could just take one trip to Heaven, it would be to squeeze him one more time. To feel his scruffy beard kiss my forehead. It would be to hear him say “i love you sissy-roo” just one more time. It would be to have him give me -another- four leaf clover. It would be to hear him tell another crazy story about his momma! It would be to go fishing. It would be everything i could ask for — but it still wouldn’t be enough ❀

How unfair motherhood really is.

My oldest baby started kindergarten today <insert saddest face you’ve ever seen> and I just don’t know how we even got here.

For FIVE short (but oh so long) years I have been a momma.

Within those years I have come to realize something that is so true…if you disagree, we can’t be friends. [[I don’t have alot of friends — maybe this is why?]]]

Motherhood is the most unfair part of my life I have ever encountered…thus far! Before you judge the statement just hang on, let me explain.

What mom has something in her life that is ONLY hers. For instance, the sandwich you had for lunch today that your child took 5 bites out of. The drink you made yourself…that you didn’t even get to TASTE. The bed that you spent 10 minutes making…looks fabulous but here comes some T-Rexs fighting over fake food..on your bed. Yep there goes that good looking bed you just made.

How about the music you listen to in the car?? What about the volume of which you listen to that music….did you decide that? Or did you turn it down so you didn’t wake the sleeping bear in the carseat in the back?!

The hidden pack of gum you remember about…only to find someone else knew where it was also! That nice piece of furniture you bought because you just KNEW your kids were out of the stage of drawing on things…YEP theres permanent marker ALL. DOWN. THE SIDE.

Like have you ever had anything that no one wanted even just one little piece of..the dogs want it, the kids want it, your husband wants it…like EVERYBODY wants something of yours!!!

Motherhood is like this never ending game of give give give..>>>> but I remembered something today that made me realize no one else will ever be rewarded like we, as mommas, are!

These kids that make us literally go insane. Yeah , those crazies. They are more than anything we could have ever dreamed up. They are SO much more than what we deserve.

How amazing is it to know that these babies God has given us are allowing us to give to them?? Does that make sense???

Motherhood is such an unfair game of give give give….but i see a side that shows me how much I will NEVER take for granted the opportunity I have to give to these babes πŸ’™

It is unfair….and SO worth everything I’ve given up 😁

It takes a village…

My boys are LIFE. Simple as that.

We have somewhat of a large family, I think, and a lot of people who want to beΒ ARE involved in our kids lives. They are so loved…and we are SO blessed ❀

I always get a text during the week, sometimes at the beginning…some times at the end, from someone wanting to spend some time with out little fire crackers!

ahh ^^^ it makes my heart happy!

The struggle i use to have was this..if all these people want to spend time with my kids, they are teaching them and influencing them too! I battled with this because, like many moms and dads, I wanted my kids to be perfect angels >>>HAAAHAAA<<<<

Now my kids aren’t devils…but they do have a little of their momma in them..jk! (not really lol..ask my husband)

I ALWAYS think i can do it on my own – anything – just do it by myself! That is SO not how we should do life. We should rely on our loved ones, and they should know they can rely on us.

SO this is what I have learned over the last 5 years of raising these two little balls of greatness…IT TAKES A VILLAGE Y’ALL!

It takes grandparents – great grandparents – moms and dads – brothers and sisters – school teachers – daycare teachers – friends – aunt and uncles – other moms and dads. like seriously it takes so many people to raise a child!

We work so hard to teach them right and wrong, to teach them kindness, to teach them love. The village you are wrapping your children in needs to embrace those traits!!!

I LOVE MY TRIBE – y’all are the real MVP’s πŸ˜€


money over kids, or is it kids over money?

My husband and I were riding down the road last night and we were talking about a conversation we had had earlier with a friend of ours.

Our friend said he second guesses having children sometimes because of the amount of money they cost you, and a number of other reason but this one particular reason stuck with me.

My husband said “no amount of money could give me the same happiness those boys bring me every. single. day. multiple times a day” – (cue the happy momma tears) and i could not agree any more.

My children do not just bring me happiness…they put JOY in my life, an abundance amount of JOY. I stare at them sometimes and just simply smile…I gave them life, i carried them for 9 months. I touched them before anyone else. That is amazing.

Nothing could “out-do” that.

Lets go back to how much kids cost- A LOT, okay.

Lets just say, and I am totally guessing, haven’t even tried to do the math..but lets just throw a number out there – $15,000 dollars on the essentials up until three years old. including – diapers, wipes, rash cream, powder, soap, lotion..and anything else you may use on the reg. Okay so I have two children, so for me and my husband that is $30,000.

So in one hand you have two humans – that you gave life to – “cost equaling 30k”. Then in the other hand you have a car, all cromed out, leather seats, all the fancy shmancy stuff – cost is 30k.

There is no way that car can bring you joy, happiness, rewards, laughter, simply a reason for life.

There is no way the money that you save by not having children can bring you all that a child can bring you.

Now if you don’t want to have kids for the simple reason that you don’t want to be a parent- I 110% support you and understand.

BUT if you don’t want to have kids because “they cost too much” ….you do not have a grasp on life (in my motherly opinion). There really are things money CANNOT buy.

Like the first time your baby reaches for you. Or when they say their first word (both of mine said “dada” first – im still a little salty about it). Like the excitement and joy you get when your child takes their first step. The realization you have that your “baby” is not a baby anymore when you have to do tooth fairy duties for the FIRST time. Or the emotions you feel when you get the kindergarten supply list.

There is nothing and i promise you NOTHING that can give you those things. Being a mother is my biggest blessing in this life. And if that is my highest paying job – I am already a millionaire.

For me and my husband..its clearly kids over money – all day, every day πŸ˜€

non-parents and parents.

I see so many post on social media from people who don’t have children, bashing another persons parenting skills and choices.

On the other spectrum I see parents saying negative things to people who don’t have children about how they are acting and how “their children have to grow up with these sorts of people…ugh its so sad.”

I am a parent, so I cannot ever put myself in someone else’s shoes that doesn’t have children. I will always be a parent, that will never change.

Stop bashing someone because they got a babysitter and went out to a bar…not your place to judge.

Stop complaining about people who don’t have children being “inconsiderate” of a napping baby at their siblings ball game…they truly don’t understand the value of a nap.

It is not our place to put judgement on anyone. It eerks me more than anything for someone who doesn’t have kids to say “if that was my kid, I’d…….” like, STOP. You dont know what you would do as a parent. It all changes as soon as that little blessing is placed in your arms.

At the same time I can’t stand to hear a parent say, “ugh. look at them. SO irresponsible, they just have no idea what life is really about.” UHHHH…just because your life revolves around your kids does NOT mean theirs should also. Their definition of responsible and yours is completely different. They did not give life to another human, they haven’t experienced the most miraculous event in YOUR life..don’t hold that against them.

I mean hell, sometimes I think about what I would be doing if I didn’t have kids ?? how much more money I would probably have. But I can’t even answer the question. I have not the first idea of what my life would be like. Would I probably go out with friends more? Would I travel more? Would I have more friends? yes. yes. and yes, probably.

But ^that^ isn’t my life and I am thankful for exactly where i am..as well as those people who don’t have children probably are also.

I love seeing people happy. It legit makes my heart smile. I can’t hold grudges and I would never wish anything negative on another soul. Β I enjoy having fun..with my friends and fam. Life is just so short. Everyday you only have 24 hours to make sure you let everyone know you love ’em..that’s not a lot of time. Don’t spend it hating on someone elses grind..focus on yours!

Have a good people…ALL of ya πŸ˜€