Potatoes – mac and cheese – sausage

Tonight was the first night we decided to cook one of Aunt Pat’s famous recipes.

We chose a twice baked potato recipe…with a little twist. Good ole mac and cheese (for my picky five year old) and linked sausage.

First of all the potatoes were BANGIN’…everybody should try them.

20170806_174515 First you need to wash your potatoes, then pierce them with a fork a couple times each and place them in the microwave for 12 mins..two at a time. I made 6 potatoes and it was plenty for my family of 4.

The pictures have the recipe on them so I am not going to go into too much detail for each.

suggestion for the potatoes : add a little more butter (not melted, but softened) when you are mixing your broccoli, onions, potato filling and ranch dressing.

I also sprinkled cheese on top of the potatoes and put them back in the over for about 4-5 mins (after i cut the oven off)…aunt Pat says that is a good way to not burn- just crisp the top.

^^^ and shes is right.


I also whipped up some mac and cheese for the kids, because we were trying something new- i wanted to make sure they got their bellies full.

I just boil some water, enough to cover my noodles when i add them. when the water begins to boil i add my pasta noodles.

Let them fully cook. Drain them. put them back into the pot add a little bit of milk, salt pepper and butter. stir. make sure your burner is still on, low. I use anywhere from 4 to 6 slices of yellow cheese, depending on how much i am making. stir until the cheese is melted–its SO good.


The last thing I cooked tonight was the sausage. We bought this for the first time at the grocery store (Food Lion) yesterday. We tried a sample while we were shopping and had to get more. It is DELICIOUS.


I cut them into 2 inch-ish pieces and just put them in the frying pan on medium for about 10 to 15 mins..or until cooked thoroughly. My favorite (and the one my kids ate) was the bacon, beer, and cheddar cheese. The Italian was very “herby” tasting for me. I couldn’t eat a whole lot of it.

SO there you have it folks, our first post for Aunt Pats Recipes. 

The whole meal was rated by yours truly…

the husband — 5 stars (he wants brownie points, of course)

The five year old — 5 stars (mac and cheese is L I F E for him)

The three year old — 3 stars…”because I’m three and I like to make rules”


Enjoy guys 😀

***If you have any questions please feel free to comment, and I will get back with you!