Taking a leap.

It’s the absolute hardest thing I have ever done…or not done.

Everyone says “you never know til you try” or “you have to take a leap of faith” or “don’t knock it til you try it” …. that last one is mainly a food reference that my husband says when he makes some sort of grotesque concoction he calls food – but you get the point.

Every time any of us have a new idea, or want to try sometime new, or take a new job, or make a new commitment, or get a dog, or have another baby…or on the other hand, decide not to keep doing something, or say no to an opportunity —- no matter what that thing may be, someone (most of the time more than one person) has opinions. They either support you, or try to turn you in the opposite direction.

I’m not that person though. I never have been, because I can’t stand when someone does it to me.

I say – do you boo boo! Because this is YOUR life. If you’re married or in a serious relationship, you obviously share a life with that person and your decisions are their decisions (or that’s how it should be…in my opinion 😉) but, even still, you have decisions to make alone, and with your person.

I say put your shades on and do you. I say take the job if you want it. Get the dog (they will most likely make your heart more full than you could imagine). Grow your family. Buy that thing you really really want. Invest in yourself. Move across country. Take the vacation. Spend your money on what you want. Get the tattoo everyone says you’ll regret (or regert…if you don’t get it -✌🏼)

…because this is YOUR life and you only get one. There is no going back. All you’ll have is the “I wish” ‘s…and they ain’t good for anything.

I believe if everyone would start investing more time into their lives and themselves and less into trying to dictate what others do…we would be a much better society. We would raise independent children. We would raise motivated children. Our children would love themselves because they would know that they can do anything they set their minds to, no matter what anyone tells them…that’s what I want my kids to know. I want them to know no matter the obstacles or how many times someone tells them “I don’t think you should”, that they just keep doing whatever it is that they love and have passion for.

So…here’s to take leaps! Let’s do more leaping and less opinionating (that’s not a word…but who cares…you get it) 💁🏼‍♀️🍻

Have a good day folks!

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