New Year, New Me.

2018 has come and gone. So here we are –> the first week of 2019. Everybody is on social media like “new year, new me y’all… watch out”. They make resolutions to start exercising, to drink more water, to eat better, to read more, to watch less TV, to rid themselves of negative people, to be more self-aware…the list literally goes ON and ON and ON. (insert dramatically large intense eye roll here)

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t set goals, make positive changes in your life…for the better. BUT you shouldn’t wait 365 days to do life different. (I am totally talking to myself if you’re reading this thinking well isn’t she just high and mighty and perfect….you couldn’t be more wrong.) I decided about 3 months ago “when the new year comes around, I am going to start making some changes.” Now, three months later I’ve just started. I can’t help but be pissed off at myself though because what if I would have started when I first made the decision..I’d have a bangin’ body, be able to do more then 3 unassisted pull ups, and be three months further along.

Did you know that 76 percent of new years resolutions are broken by March first?? I am determined to make it past March. That’s a small, reachable goal.

-side note…I am writing this so I’m held accountable by someone other than myself…so here ya go!

I also think that most people go into their resolutions already having a failure mindset..and that shouldn’t be the “new you”. We think ” I can do this” before it starts, but when we hit a hard day…we question if we set the bar too high. I say we because I do it too. Sometimes its not the task that is hard…its our mindset that isn’t right. I don’t know what the solution to that hardship is…other than telling yourself to suck it up! That’s what I tell my kids when they hit a bump in the road, not in those exact words of course, but I try to teach them that life is hard sometimes, and that’s just the way it is…but tomorrow is a new day and to be thankful for that! So, practice what you preach right?! Also, my six year old tells me and his dad all the time that “you have to finish what you start!” …so if you don’t take my advice, take his!

YOU — you need to go start your “new you” with the mindset that you can do it, and the bar is NOT set too high. I mean, we don’t change over night, we just have to take it one day at a time and decide to grit our teeth a little harder and suck it up!

much love y’all ♦ show me whatcha got 2019 ♦


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