As a parent, mom or dad, we live a life full of daily sacrifices.

Financial sacrifices are probably what most people prior to becoming parents, think about. Kids are expensive. In the first 18 years of a child’s life, they will cost you AT LEAST $233,610 (that was the average for middle class families in 2015). That’s for one of those little rascals. That don’t include college, braces, vehicles.

As women, we sacrifice our bodies to grow these tiny humans. Tiny humans that steal our cute little pre-baby bodies and then when they’re done growing make sure it never quite looks like that again! ….but they also steal our hearts. And they give us life, a life we never in our wildest dreams could’ve imagined. They fill a void in our momma hearts, we didn’t even know we had.

Parents sacrifice space > Personal space. Sleep space. Poop space. Couch space. ALL of the space in your little “me” bubble it’s G O N E.

We sacrifice emotions. I have only been a mom for a little over 6 years, and I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced every emotion within 24 hours, at least once a week since my mom days started! I never thought I could laugh and cry at the same exact moment, due to a cute little screaming sleepless toddler. Or have a six year old who has growing pains, literally just break your heart. These growing pains, emotionally and physically – they’re no joke y’all. But when you look into the eyes of a human being that you created, you grew, and you are molding… W O W – y’all there is just nothing more joyful in this world. — can you imagine how God feels?!?! Seeing all of us here on this Earth, His children?! Can you imagine all of His emotions?!

We sacrifice time. Time with friends and family. Sleep time ( SOOOOOOO MUCH SLEEP TIME). Time when you would sit down, pre-baby, and have a nice meal with your spouse. Relaxation time. Now it’s like, “sorry, can’t hangout for the next 18 years, I’m busy being a tired mom with week old hair, no makeup, and I don’t own “nice” clothes!”

We sacrifice our hygiene. Yep —dry shampoo was invented for moms, y’all girls can thank us later! I mean you’re lucky if you get a shower every two days….and REALLY lucky if you grab a shirt from the closet that doesn’t have some sort of stain on it (either from you, or your kids) . Brushing your hair? Nah just go with it. Curling it — dream on sister! Not for the first 5 years at least! Make-up…uhh does eye bags count? Or the sleepless black eyes?? Or the stress bumps? Ohhh…what about the menstrual cycle bumps? Those are pretty much guaranteed and they come back every month in the same spot!

We sacrifice SO much of our life, actually our WHOLE lives, to be parents. And that is scary to think of. Knowing that for the rest of my life, I’ll never have a day that is a selfish day. My mind and heart will always be taken by the two wild, courageous, fun, exhausting little boys I help create. I will never have another day that goes by that I don’t think like a mom. You never cut mom/dad brain off..somebody cut that ish on and there is no switch to cut it off! Yeah, it can sound unfair at times, and even feel that way somedays. But those lives we created, they are worth every tear, every drop of sweat, every sleepless night (and day), every drive-thru you go through because they refuse to put anything else in their mouth that day. Every argument. Every single day…the sacrifice seems nonexistent to us, but one day those tiny humans become men and women, husbands and wives, moms and dads…and they will realize and understand and appreciate all those little things you did and still are doing for them. They’re all SO worth it.

Happy days, people! Keep sacrificing, it doesn’t go unnoticed…and defiantly doesn’t go under appreciated!

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