in your arms.

Its a constant movement.

This world slows down for NO ONE.

Its ups and downs, pot holes, 90 mph, 2 mph, smooth – just paved- roads, then all the sudden you get comfortable and hit the grooves on the side of the road…back to smooth road, then a couple pot holes again….you get it.

I blurt out my feelings one day, keep it all in the next.

Laugh at everything one minute, RBF the next.

This life, it keep me on my toes….but then there’s you.

Your saving grace, your calm presence, your encouragement. Your security. You are what keeps my feet on the ground.

Your arms wrap around me and for those moments, everything is just gone. It is pure relief. No sadness, no stress, no questions, no decisions to make. Nothing. Without saying a word you have soothed my soul.

There is no doubt in my mind you were made just to make this world a better place. You shine light into so many different peoples lives, its mind blowing. Your kindness is immeasurable and your ability to forgive warms my heart.

There has never been a safer place for me than in your arms.

I don’t know how I ever got away with such a heart to love me for my whole life, unconditionally….but I will be forever grateful for your love.

Today, I hope you read this and know that there is no other place I would rather spend the rest of my life then in your arms!


…your unfailing, warm, full of forgiveness, safe, quiet, overwhelming, loving arms ❤


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