Being a slave to reality.

Overwhelmed. So much that it takes your breath. So many “to-do’s” that you don’t do any of them. You brain has moved so quick for most of the day, you are too tired to think.

Too tired to think for yourself, much less the two little wild things running around your house.

How am I suppose to close my eyes when I have SO much on my mind. Things I still need to do, things I forgot to put on my list to do, something i didn’t give all my attention to today because I wasn’t focused, questions of quality time spent with family..was it enough, maybe it wasn’t.

This past weekend my husband and I took the whole day off [on Saturday] and spent some VERY MUCH NEEDED time with our kids. No phone calls, text, social media, TV, nothing. Just us, the kids, some fishing poles and a couple ponds in the middle of 1500+ acres of quietness.

Let me just say if you can’t find the missing piece to the crazy part of life you’re in. If you can’t focus. If you are feeling overwhelmed, over worked, and under joyed…. TAKE A BREAK from it ALL.

I have never felt so at peace, and soulful. My heart was calm. My mind was at ease. We listened to the birds sing, the wind blow, the quiet.

Time moved a lot slower.

It was like there was more sunlight that day, so we could fish a little longer. There were fish biting hooks that didn’t even have bait on them. There were giggles, LOUD giggles, screams full of excitement, smiles a county mile long. Oh my heart couldn’t have been happier.

That day, God handed it to me on silver platter. He reminded me of the reasons for my life that day. He showed me exactly what it means to work for him..instead of being a slave to reality.

So many times when we are stressed, aggravated, unhappy, tense, emotional…we really just need to take a step back, find some peace and quiet and let the Lord remind you of what you have been needing in your life.

Let Him refresh you, bring you back to Him.


Don’t be a slave to reality.

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