Hope — anchor me.

I struggle with the right things to say when I’m praying.

Like do I ask him for this, or do I just leave it out. Am I suppose to be praying out loud every time or can I let my heart talk.

Does it make me less of a follower of Christ because I don’t go to church every time the doors are open. Am I not favored because I had a child out of wedlock. Does he not look down and smile as much, because I know I sin more than others.

What does the future with my family look like. Do we shine the right light. Is it bright enough. Are my children understanding what me and my husband are trying to teach them.

My head is always full of questions. And alot of times, it wonders.

I don’t always feel as if I am on the right path and I often question what God is doing with my life.

I’m not always on my best behavior and alot of times I don’t set aside alone time with Him.

I fail every single day at being perfect.

Well what keeps you coming back to your Faith then?? Hope.

I have hope in my heart, and I know Jesus loves me.

He knows what my life has in store and has known long before my time. I just have to trust in him…and have hope.

His hope that I feel in my heart when I get that 5 minutes of silence….its more refreshing than any spa day or glass of wine could ever be.

It anchors me in my Faith, it keeps me grounded.

Let’s me know no matter what this life brings me, He is on my side, and I will not fail. He brings light to my darkness.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, he knows. If you are scared and unsure, he knows. If you are losing your Faith, he knows.

Let His hope anchor you during this hurricane called life 💙

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