Effortless love.

The effortless love of being in love.

The love that is so easy, so unconditional, so comforting.

The love that makes you whole..literally it fills all the holes your heart has ever had.

The love that makes you smile with just a thought..and brings tears to know it was meant just for you.

A soul mate. The other half to your puzzle. The one that loves your flaws…which makes you love them even more. The one that knows, without a word, exactly what you need. The owner of the hugs that make your world not feel like it’s crumbling.

You are probably wondering if this person exist for you..and the answer is yes. But you need to know also..you are this person for someone.

I love when I see a couple and they just compliment each other so well…just the vibe they put off, you know they are a power couple!

I love love. It’s like my favorite topic!

I think it is something that gets overlooked so much because so many people nowa days don’t really believe in it.

They think they don’t need someone because they are independent. That makes me sad for them..who doesn’t want someone to share their life with???

I do believe there is someone for everyone…..

go find em and love em hard πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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