How unfair motherhood really is.

My oldest baby started kindergarten today <insert saddest face you’ve ever seen> and I just don’t know how we even got here.

For FIVE short (but oh so long) years I have been a momma.

Within those years I have come to realize something that is so true…if you disagree, we can’t be friends. [[I don’t have alot of friends — maybe this is why?]]]

Motherhood is the most unfair part of my life I have ever encountered…thus far! Before you judge the statement just hang on, let me explain.

What mom has something in her life that is ONLY hers. For instance, the sandwich you had for lunch today that your child took 5 bites out of. The drink you made yourself…that you didn’t even get to TASTE. The bed that you spent 10 minutes making…looks fabulous but here comes some T-Rexs fighting over fake food..on your bed. Yep there goes that good looking bed you just made.

How about the music you listen to in the car?? What about the volume of which you listen to that music….did you decide that? Or did you turn it down so you didn’t wake the sleeping bear in the carseat in the back?!

The hidden pack of gum you remember about…only to find someone else knew where it was also! That nice piece of furniture you bought because you just KNEW your kids were out of the stage of drawing on things…YEP theres permanent marker ALL. DOWN. THE SIDE.

Like have you ever had anything that no one wanted even just one little piece of..the dogs want it, the kids want it, your husband wants it…like EVERYBODY wants something of yours!!!

Motherhood is like this never ending game of give give give..>>>> but I remembered something today that made me realize no one else will ever be rewarded like we, as mommas, are!

These kids that make us literally go insane. Yeah , those crazies. They are more than anything we could have ever dreamed up. They are SO much more than what we deserve.

How amazing is it to know that these babies God has given us are allowing us to give to them?? Does that make sense???

Motherhood is such an unfair game of give give give….but i see a side that shows me how much I will NEVER take for granted the opportunity I have to give to these babes 💙

It is unfair….and SO worth everything I’ve given up 😁

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