It takes a village…

My boys are LIFE. Simple as that.

We have somewhat of a large family, I think, and a lot of people who want to be ARE involved in our kids lives. They are so loved…and we are SO blessed ❤

I always get a text during the week, sometimes at the beginning…some times at the end, from someone wanting to spend some time with out little fire crackers!

ahh ^^^ it makes my heart happy!

The struggle i use to have was this..if all these people want to spend time with my kids, they are teaching them and influencing them too! I battled with this because, like many moms and dads, I wanted my kids to be perfect angels >>>HAAAHAAA<<<<

Now my kids aren’t devils…but they do have a little of their momma in them..jk! (not really lol..ask my husband)

I ALWAYS think i can do it on my own – anything – just do it by myself! That is SO not how we should do life. We should rely on our loved ones, and they should know they can rely on us.

SO this is what I have learned over the last 5 years of raising these two little balls of greatness…IT TAKES A VILLAGE Y’ALL!

It takes grandparents – great grandparents – moms and dads – brothers and sisters – school teachers – daycare teachers – friends – aunt and uncles – other moms and dads. like seriously it takes so many people to raise a child!

We work so hard to teach them right and wrong, to teach them kindness, to teach them love. The village you are wrapping your children in needs to embrace those traits!!!

I LOVE MY TRIBE – y’all are the real MVP’s 😀


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