money over kids, or is it kids over money?

My husband and I were riding down the road last night and we were talking about a conversation we had had earlier with a friend of ours.

Our friend said he second guesses having children sometimes because of the amount of money they cost you, and a number of other reason but this one particular reason stuck with me.

My husband said “no amount of money could give me the same happiness those boys bring me every. single. day. multiple times a day” – (cue the happy momma tears) and i could not agree any more.

My children do not just bring me happiness…they put JOY in my life, an abundance amount of JOY. I stare at them sometimes and just simply smile…I gave them life, i carried them for 9 months. I touched them before anyone else. That is amazing.

Nothing could “out-do” that.

Lets go back to how much kids cost- A LOT, okay.

Lets just say, and I am totally guessing, haven’t even tried to do the math..but lets just throw a number out there – $15,000 dollars on the essentials up until three years old. including – diapers, wipes, rash cream, powder, soap, lotion..and anything else you may use on the reg. Okay so I have two children, so for me and my husband that is $30,000.

So in one hand you have two humans – that you gave life to – “cost equaling 30k”. Then in the other hand you have a car, all cromed out, leather seats, all the fancy shmancy stuff – cost is 30k.

There is no way that car can bring you joy, happiness, rewards, laughter, simply a reason for life.

There is no way the money that you save by not having children can bring you all that a child can bring you.

Now if you don’t want to have kids for the simple reason that you don’t want to be a parent- I 110% support you and understand.

BUT if you don’t want to have kids because “they cost too much” ….you do not have a grasp on life (in my motherly opinion). There really are things money CANNOT buy.

Like the first time your baby reaches for you. Or when they say their first word (both of mine said “dada” first – im still a little salty about it). Like the excitement and joy you get when your child takes their first step. The realization you have that your “baby” is not a baby anymore when you have to do tooth fairy duties for the FIRST time. Or the emotions you feel when you get the kindergarten supply list.

There is nothing and i promise you NOTHING that can give you those things. Being a mother is my biggest blessing in this life. And if that is my highest paying job – I am already a millionaire.

For me and my husband..its clearly kids over money – all day, every day 😀

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