non-parents and parents.

I see so many post on social media from people who don’t have children, bashing another persons parenting skills and choices.

On the other spectrum I see parents saying negative things to people who don’t have children about how they are acting and how “their children have to grow up with these sorts of people…ugh its so sad.”

I am a parent, so I cannot ever put myself in someone else’s shoes that doesn’t have children. I will always be a parent, that will never change.

Stop bashing someone because they got a babysitter and went out to a bar…not your place to judge.

Stop complaining about people who don’t have children being “inconsiderate” of a napping baby at their siblings ball game…they truly don’t understand the value of a nap.

It is not our place to put judgement on anyone. It eerks me more than anything for someone who doesn’t have kids to say “if that was my kid, I’d…….” like, STOP. You dont know what you would do as a parent. It all changes as soon as that little blessing is placed in your arms.

At the same time I can’t stand to hear a parent say, “ugh. look at them. SO irresponsible, they just have no idea what life is really about.” UHHHH…just because your life revolves around your kids does NOT mean theirs should also. Their definition of responsible and yours is completely different. They did not give life to another human, they haven’t experienced the most miraculous event in YOUR life..don’t hold that against them.

I mean hell, sometimes I think about what I would be doing if I didn’t have kids ?? how much more money I would probably have. But I can’t even answer the question. I have not the first idea of what my life would be like. Would I probably go out with friends more? Would I travel more? Would I have more friends? yes. yes. and yes, probably.

But ^that^ isn’t my life and I am thankful for exactly where i well as those people who don’t have children probably are also.

I love seeing people happy. It legit makes my heart smile. I can’t hold grudges and I would never wish anything negative on another soul.  I enjoy having fun..with my friends and fam. Life is just so short. Everyday you only have 24 hours to make sure you let everyone know you love ’em..that’s not a lot of time. Don’t spend it hating on someone elses grind..focus on yours!

Have a good people…ALL of ya 😀




2 thoughts on “non-parents and parents.

  1. I love this. Truly insightful and self aware. As someone who doesn’t have children (yet), I know it’s because that’s my path and journey. I wouldn’t have been able to go to graduate school and start a career that I love if I were already a parent. I have so much respect for women my age who already have beautiful families and children. I always say, I can barely take care of myself, I don’t know how they do it. But, I think we all do the best we can do… and respecting different paths and lifestyles/ parenting styles is important in understanding our values, and ultimately, ourselves. ❤️

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