Your Daddy’s Boots.

Before you were born, i couldn’t wait for you to get here.

When you were here, I couldn’t wait for you to start sitting up on your own.

When you started sitting up, i couldn’t wait for you to crawl.

When you were crawling, i couldn’t wait for you to walk.

When you started walking, and talking, making sentences. Recognizing colors. Learning your ABC’s and your 123’s.

You started learning your whole name and your birthday.

Now you are getting ready for kindergarten and my heart skips a beat at the thought of it.

No matter what stage of life you have been at, you have ALWAYS wanted “to be like your daddy”. have muscles like your daddy. wear your boots and jeans just like your daddy. cut your hair like your daddy. sing songs like your daddy. ride anything with a motor, just like your daddy.

Where ever you are in life, i pray you are always striving to fill your daddy’s boots. I pray that you are striving to work hard like him. I pray you have a heart of gold, like him. I pray your honesty gets you all the places you want to go, just like your daddy. I hope you are a friend, just like your daddy.

Those boots are big son, but I know you are nothing short of a capable 💚

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