When you find him early.

I found my best friend early in my life..nineteen to be exact.

I am coming up on twenty six. We are two kids deep into this relationship- and I have loved every most minutes of it.


We went to school together and have been friends since we were twelve-ish. We met when we were in middle school- those years are when the acne game is strong, boobs are like every girls wish, well when you have none it is, and boys are dreamy. Thank God I blossomed. I was a late bloomer though so boys weren’t really interested. Most of them were just friends.

I was a cheerleader and he played football. We were always pretty close friends. The older we got the closer we were. We would talk to each other about our relationships… when we thought we were in love, and when our hearts were broken. We would go weeks without talking-then just pick right back up again. We just never missed a beat.

I was in a relationship that was rough. I thought it was love- thankfully he broke my heart and I learned some very valuable lessons from it. Tyler (my husband) was always just there, to listen, to give advice or to just hangout.

Our friendship stayed just that for a long time.

When we graduated from high school, I left for college. I would come back home often and we would catch up on what was going on.

I’m not cut out for the city life, so I moved back home where life moved a little slower.

I think we both started catching feelings for each other at the same time but we knew it just wasn’t right. We would agree to not be around the other one and stop talking…but it never lasted long.

Let me just say love will make you do things you never thought you would. I lost friendships-great friendships. I lost a little piece of myself. We created a wrath in our town like I have never seen. We disappointed family.

Along with the negative emotions we encountered came this overwhelming feeling I had never felt. Although it was probably some of the worst times I have been through- I gained a relationship. A friendship. A companionship.

We began falling in love faster than I thought was possible, along with everyone else.

When I say we had the world against us- we literally did…so many people were just waiting for us to fail.

We had moved into a little apartment together, didn’t have any furniture, and not a whole lot of money. We lived paycheck to paycheck. Had to feed ourselves and two dogs. It was paper plates. It was shopping at the dollar store. It was hard times. If I had to eat hamburger helper or oddles-and-noodles again- I would probably puke.

Life was not easy, and looking back on it, I cannot believe our relationship even withstood what was thrown our way. But when I see the struggles, I also see some of the most fun we have ever had together. I see laughing. I see togetherness. I see growth. I see us just simply enjoying the others company. I get tears in my eyes, like right now I have them, not because I am sad, but because my now husband has literally seen me at my lowest point- and even then he loved me…unconditionally.

Unconditionally means without conditions; in the rawest form. When you love someone when they are the rawest form of themselves- that is love. Real love.

Find one of them guys. Find someone that just in their presence your heart skips a beat. Find someone who literally can love you at you lowest point. Someone that will kiss you even after they smelled your dragon-like morning breath. Someone that can argue with you and in the same moment smile because neither one of you really care about the argument. Someone that will laugh at you when you try to kill the awkward silence.  Someone that will make a commitment to you without having a piece of paper or a ring. Someone that is willing to hold your hand when it might be easier to let go.

I don’t believe in fairy tale’s but I do believe in true love. I believe in soul mates.

You are not going to find someone perfect- you aren’t. Embrace their flaws as will they with yours, and just simply enjoy life. You need to be able to look back on your journey, give each other a high five and say “hell yeah, we made it”.  << that is what life is about.

Get out there and just enjoy it all ❤


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