Actually, Trump IS your president.

To the marchers all around the world that hold stupid signs and scream “TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT”…it would be my honor to bare the bad news — YES honey, he IS.  and he will continue to be for the next three and a half years. sorry, not sorry.

For the last, oh i don’t know, fifteen years, people have said “We need someone who is going to do the right thing, someone who is going to do what they say. A president that will stand up for our country and fight these terrorist.” …etc, etc.

Some how, Hillary Clinton (of all the people in this HUGE nation) gets in the running for the President of the United States of America. Hillary freakin Clinton, y’all.

I am a woman who believes in women’s rights, equality, and that women are just as important as men. I also believe in justice, holding everyone to the same standard. Everyone including  people running for Presidency.

When you think it is okay to kill an unborn child, but turn right around and state that this country needs God…uhh I think maybe you need to get off the fence. You cannot go through the Bible and say oh i think i’ll follow this rule, but not that one. Not really how that works!

People if you really don’t want Trump to be your President.. MOVE! For the love of this country, please!

Now, if you do not want to live in another country, then shut-up. Put your big girl panties on (or your big boy underwear)…suck it up and start accepting it. Quit marching around in the middle of the road, blocking people from getting to the jobs that feed their families, the jobs that allow them to keep surviving. Quit barking orders around like you are somebody, because you are no better than the people you’re barking at. Quit trying to act like someone hurt your feelings and you need a day off work, a day out of school…boo freaking hoo. My five year old is tougher than you people are. Quit thinking if you act stupid enough the world will stop turning, it hasn’t worked yet, give it up. This world does not and will not, revolve around you. Your parents world..maybe. But not the REAL world.

Get off of your lazy butts and get a job. Get out of the street, earn some respect for the people and things around you. No matter what you think you are entitled to…no one in this world OWES you anything, sorry honey.

So, for the sake of your own stupidity…put your sign down and quit saying that because yes sweetheart…Donald J Trump IS YOUR President.

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