A confession from a working mom…and wife.

wake up at 5:30am, walk  stumble to the bathroom. flush, cut the light on to brush your teeth…look in the mirror to find someone that needs more sleep, dry shampoo, make-up (and a lot of it), some one to make breakfast because no matter how early you wake up, there is never enough time to make your own breakfast, and a robot to clean up behind the two little angels still sleeping in your bed…(hints the reason you need more sleep)

all of a sudden it is 7:15 and chaos hits. two tiny humans running around begging for chocolate milk, pancakes, cookies, oranges, eggs…anything, because clearly you haven’t fed them in a week. When you ask them to brush their teeth and they say “I did last night” and you technically don’t have a valid response because yes, they did do that last night..but don’t get too close. they could possibly breathe fire. They argue over wearing socks with their shoes, that they want their shirt on backwards so they can see what is on the back…and “why does he get a dinosaur on his shirt and I don’t??” followed by the famous arm cross, chin down, and two stomps. Guys–SERIOUSLY??

Somehow between all of this you managed to get two lunches packed-healthy I might add. Two stuffed animals into their pouty arms, a chocolate milk and a little snack for the road. (two dogs fed, watered, and pottied too)

Out the door by 7:40am. dropping them off at 7:50am and rolling into work around 8:05am.

Now some people may not think that is much, but for us moms/wives who work-this is #winning . when we accomplish a morning and just own it- we get this little feeling of beast mode going on- if you don’t have kids, you wouldn’t understand. We sit down at our desk, find something to eat and start the day.

Its tough, it is draining, it sometimes feels like we just go through the motions, like someone else is moving us. (That’s God by the way, you need to thank Him!) You feel so unaccomplished, over looked, under appreciated-  “like I bust my butt everyday to make sure my kids and husband are very well taken care of- can I get a thanks?” Can someone just notice how hard you work, and feel like there is no progress in life in general.

BUT..then something so miraculous happens. Your 5 year old stands up in the middle of a packed church and recites the Lords Prayer word for word-with no mistakes. Holy river of proud tears. Or your three year old tells you he is so happy  Y O U are his parent , (because he learned a new word) tells you how to spell his name, AND says the Pledge of Allegiance so cute you just want to squeeze him. tears. tears. tears.

Your husband comes home and you are so exhausted you literally can not hold a decent conversation. You don’t ask him how his day was, don’t tell him you missed him, just quickly give him a kiss, say hey and continue putting the kids to bed.

But when he stops you in the hallways to tell you how good the house looks (because every since you have been home you managed to cook dinner, clean the house and bathe the children) how beautiful you are and how much he missed you- you realize just how much you needed just those simple words.

My life..our lives..as moms and wives, is stressful, busy, exhausting, time consuming and mostly done behind the scenes.  Many, many times we search for praises from people and never receive them. We think all of our hard work goes unnoticed, and sometimes it does. But YOUR CHILDREN notice, and YOUR HUSBAND notice. (Men, you need to tell her more) 

This is the hardest job you will ever have, but you will never feel more rewarded than from being a good mother and a good wife. Keep up the good work ladies- you have little people watching – and learning.



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