Respect the process, appreciate the success.

My husband and I were on the way to the gym a couple days ago and he, out of the blue, says “I use to want everything to happen now. I use to want to be rich like yesterday. I wanted us to have all these things…expedited! Now, I am really just loving our life. I am enjoying the process it takes to become successful.”

The light bulb in my head could have out done the sun! I knew I had to get myself in front of a computer…ASAP!

We have always said we should have been born 50 years earlier. We love old music, we pride ourselves on raising our boys the “old southern” way. We long to have a garden, a couple pigs, some cows, and chickens. (The pigs he is not on board with yet, but I have more time to convince him, and I wont give up!!!) We want our boys to grow into independent, honest, successful, hard working men. We want to show them self-respect and to always lend a helping hand.

People these days just don’t spend time instilling these traits in kids. They give them a tablet or a phone or a TV…anything to get them out of their hair.

When we first started dating we always dreamed of our futures together, our children, our house, our careers. But like most “kids” in their early twenties, nothing was happening fast enough. We wanted to make money..yesterday. We wanted a house. We wanted a new car. We wanted it all to happen as the words were coming out of our mouth.

My husband has incredible self control when it comes to impulsively buying something…me on the other hand; HAAA! Good luck. He also has buyers remorse. Like should probably go see a shrink for it. He has bought something, more times than I can count on all my fingers and toes,  and either almost shed a tear over the dollar bills or turned around and took it back.

Somehow, the goddess of spending money won his heart over.

But we began talking in the car that day, and I couldn’t be more proud of the people we are becoming. Our reasons to change and be thankful for this ride are those two monkeys riding in our back seat everyday, dropping snack all in the floor, jamming out to country songs, loving every second of life.

We created a life together. We are learning to be patient, we are learning that when one is weak, the other is to stand strong. We are learning that our timing is super crappy….but God’s timing is purely incredible.

We are reaping what we have sown thus far..and ohhhh am I loving the harvest!

We are put on a specific path, a path that has many bumps, pot holes that are going to pop your tire, billboards that will tempt you to turn down another road. You have to be strong, smart, and PATIENT.

Your time will come when you feel that accomplishment. It may not be when you graduate from college, if you went to college. It may not be for 10 more years, or it may be tomorrow. But if there is anything I have learned this far in my life, p a t i e n c e is something no one can teach you, but you will thrive on when you get your hands on it.

Be patient and respect the process, endure it, so you can appreciate the success.


Shout out to my husband for inspiring me. You are the real MVP part time, much love!

2 thoughts on “Respect the process, appreciate the success.

  1. I truly love this post! Thank you for writing it.

    In our notification-microwave society it’s refreshing to know that others are enjoying the process too, not just running to the finish line thinking it will somehow, someway all make sense. But how can it all make sense if you don’t be where your feet are and pay attention to all the signs and details along the way?

    My head knows this. However, currently I find myself restless. My heart aches to know what is on the other side of the woods instead of capturing the beauty around me.

    Again, thank you for the encouragement and for your post. 🙂

    (P.S. I call my hubby my MVP all the time.)


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