Momma loves you, more.

I’m watching you both sleep. Softly, perfectly, breathing in and out.

With every breath you breathe I am taken even further and further back…in awe that God gave me you. Such a gracious gift He gave to someone so undeserving of perfection. 

Days like today…well nights like tonight I should say, are when I feel as if I am dreaming. Two beautifully handsome, loving, fun, wild, full of crazy little boys. Little boys that care so much, have so much wits about them, and continue to teach me many many different lessons in life. PINCH me, is this real??? I get to be their mom, forever? I am the lucky one.

But I want you to know there isn’t a single person I could be more proud of. There isn’t another person I could love more, unconditionally give my heart to daily. You two are my ALL. 

I don’t care if you are one of the most successful people in the world, or if you are a school teacher, plumber, a lawyer, a waiter, a professional football player, or a cab driver. I am proud to be your momma. I want you to do what makes your soul happy, something that gives you the happy feeling inside. Something that makes you smile. 

I want you to love with open arms. I want you to be transparent to others abstract qualities, and look past the things others point out. I want you to be genuine when you talk, and show respect to your elders.

This life is full of curve balls, mountains and valleys. Stand tall in your faith and do what is right, for the right reason.

If there is anything I am able to teach you, it is that you are never alone. When you are hurting, hit your knees.  When you are great, hit your knees.

No dream is out of reach.

Give sympathy when it is needed, and be the kind of friend you want. Love deeply, and hard. Stand up against the bullies and never back down. Hold on to your values and stay true to your morals. Find yourself, love yourself.

I want you to know I loved you before you were born. I loved you when I was losing my temper, I loved you when I sent you to time out for the 100th time in one day. I loved you when you asked for another book before bed, I loved you when you wouldn’t eat your dinner, for the 100th day in a row. I have loved you since before I met you, my little boy you will ALWAYS be. 

Yall have given me a purpose in life, a reason to work so hard. It is an honor to be your momma.

 No matter the road this life takes you down, always remember momma loves you, more.


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