Get a grip, lady.

This life is crazy y’all. It will push you to edge of the cliff, make you think you cannot take ANYTHING else.

I was there like less then 15 hours ago. During an Easter egg hunt…at a church…with my two wild, big-hearted (but oh so selfish) little boys.

If the ledge was over water..I may would have jumped.

I was about to pull my kids out of the egg hunt, bust their butt and take them home. No candy. No eggs. No fun. NOTHING. They wanted to do everything their way and there was NO NEGOTIATING at this point. At this exact moment one child on my hip, one in my hand we were about to walk out.

I look over at my niece and the crocodile tears were already there. She did not want us to leave, or the boys to get in trouble.

If no one was around..I may would have slapped myself.

Like get a grip. These KIDS dont understand anything but egg hunt, candy, soft drinks, sugar, and fun.

I will one day get this parenting thing down…I hope anyways. I struggle with just throwing my cares out the window and being a helicopter parent.

I am the furthest thing from perfect, or from having it remotely close to together… I really battle with accepting that I can’t do it all alone.

On the way home last night I asked my 5 year old this question. “Is mommy a good mommy?” His response literally made me cry on the spot. I AM NOT A CRYER (totally not a word, but whatever). He says “mommy you are the best mommy in the whole wide world, and I will always be your baby! Okay?” My heart exploded. My three year old was mad because he had come to realize it was dark and there was no Easter bunny at the egg when I asked him he said “yea, but you didn’t bring the Easter Bunny, so I’m mad right now!”

I then asked them to tell me what their favorite thing to do with me is. The five year old…”you give me quarters when I have good days and when I work. You tuck me in at night and let me use the timer on my TV. You let me take toys in the bathtub and you always kiss me, but sometimes too much!” My three year old…silence…hes still mad!

Get a grip lady. This life is so for you. You are their momma, their go to. Their favorite person (when daddy is not home) and you do not go unnoticed..obviously.

What I am trying to say is stop worrying about all the stupid little stuff and focus on loving them. Letting them get a little crazy, they have bad days too. Pull yourself together, throw your hair up in a bun and keep on keepin’ on. Them babies do not have one care about what other people think about them…and that is one thing we could learn from them!!!

I’m keepin this one close to my heart! ❤



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