Yes, I cook, clean and wash his clothes. 

So many young women nowadays sound like, “I’m not going to just wait on him and do everything for him, I’m not his maid. He can do it himself, just like I do!” 

I disagree.

 His idea of “laundry day” and mine couldn’t be more opposite. He thinks everything goes in all together and •wah-la• laundry is DONE!!! He is officially never allowed to laundry again. My washer sounded like it was going to run away. Of course, nothing got could it when there’s no more room..not even for one more sock?? Doesn’t matter the color to him…black, white, green, red. Nor does it matter if it’s jeans, towels, shirts, cleaning rags..what honey?? I was just washing clothes..STOP! JUST STOP! Your efforts do not go unnoticed but please just don’t anymore! 😘😘 

He is a really good cook, and when he’s home, we share that task and enjoy doing it together! But yes, I do most of the cooking!! 

He can clean..but like most men, he just don’t! Not because he is a sorry POS..but because I do it. I do it because I want it done my way, I like my house cleaned my way!

Growing up, my mom did most of the laundry, my brother helped some but between me and my mom..everyone’s clothes were always clean and ready! Cooking was a little different because my Step-dad was and is an awesome cook and loves doing it! We always spent our afternoons and evenings in the living room and kitchen as a family, making dinner….and memories! When it came to cleaning my brother and i had chores, if they weren’t done..we didn’t get to do anything “extra” Step-dad was a fireman so his schedule was crazy..and most times my mom did all the cleaning! 

I was raised by a woman who molded me into her clone..and for that I am forever grateful! But she taught me to take care of your house, your children, your man! Take pride in the things you have, litte or big! Take care of what you have and it will last a lifetime!

I don’t mind taking care of all of it. I don’t mind showing my two boys that I do laundry, that I clean the house, that I cook the food. Because one day they will search for a woman, for their soul mate. And I hope to instill the values of a woman in them. I want them to know not only is a woman suppose to take care of them, but they are to be her support, her rock, her foundation! They are to treat her with respect and show her everyday their appreciation! Like their father has and does do for me!

This society looks at men and expects leadership, strength, togetherness (if that’s even a word), boldness, power, a Mr. Fix it, a money making machine, a hard worker…but then when they look at women that stereotyping is not allowed. Makes total sense?? 

My family doesn’t fit into this society now. The society where “women don’t JUST belong in the kitchen” and where men are feminist if they even think about saying it.

Yes, I believe in women working, and I think women can do some of the same task men can do..Sometimes better. But a woman was created to nurture, so that’s what I am going to do.

In my house, I belong in the kitchen!
…but if he wants to help, he’s always welcome ❤

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