I’m just a crappy friend, sorry.

I have came to the conclusion, I’m just a crappy friend.

I love ALL my friends, tons…but I don’t have the time nor the energy to constantly stay up their rears. The few I have, know me..know how I am..and love me no matter what. Those girls are keepers 🙂

I just like doing me. I like hanging out occasionally, and I even like doing girly things… sometimes.

I’m not a fan of shopping, so no, I don’t just want to go hangout with you and spend way too much time on my feet…unless I’m in the mood. Haaa this is so terrible. But I KNOW I can’t be the only one feeling like this??

Maybe just the only one in tune with my star player.

My real friends get me. We might talk 3 days in a row..or go weeks without talking. It doesn’t mean I don’t have love for you..I’m just busy.

I have two little boys I raise most days alone, because their daddy is a hard working man, providing us with a good life. They come first. I will not put a friendship above motherhood or being a wife, sorry.

I am full of bad jokes, rude sarcasm, and harsh truth…I can’t sugar coat and my R-B-F is permanent. I cuss a little and speak what is on my mind. Most girls don’t want to hear it and don’t think my jokes are funny…shout out to my girls that love me..YALL THE REAL MVP’s.

It is not about how many friends you have, or posting a picture every time you hangout. It is about building a great friendship based on the real you. Don’t be fake just to get a friend. Be you.

This life is full of the unknowns, full of worry and stress. This world gives us the thought that if we aren’t living “the life” then we are on the low end of the social standards. I refuse to allow myself to think I “need” a bunch of friends. Call me selfish or a jerk, or whatever you want to call me but in my opinion I have my priorities straight. My family comes first. We aren’t guaranteed another day, so I am going to spend my time and love on those most important.



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