To my trucker.

Some days are easier than others, me and the kids stay so busy, we don’t have time to realize how much we miss you. But on the days it hurts most, we all feel it..even your four legged babies.

When you decided to start driving a truck I thought “it’s nothing I can’t handle, I am a strong independent woman, I got it.” I WAS SO WRONG.

It -isn’t- anything I absolutely can’t handle by myself for days at a time, but I would rather have my husband by my side.

I -am- a strong woman, but I long for your smile when I am feeling down, I long for the support when I am feeling defeated.

I am independent, sometimes too much..but nothing compares to your bear-hugs and kisses on the forehead when you know, without me speaking a word, I need it more than ever.

You drive thousands of miles a week, come home, help me cook, clean, do whatever we want to do, play with the kids constantly, entertain the dogs because God knows they just cannot get enough of you…and you still manage to keep a smile on your face and your eyes open, with absolutely no complaints. I’m not sure how, but boy am I thankful for it.

So many women complain their husbands don’t do laundry, their husbands don’t cook, their husbands don’t do dishes, their husbands spend too much time with their friends…they take for granted he is home every night,that they get to hold him, laugh with him, make memories with him.

When they go to bed, they long for good sleep. When I go to sleep, I long to hear those air brakes pump when you are FINALLY in our driveway. I crave that key turn in the door, that kiss as soon as you walk in. I have a constant worry of having to possibly raise our boys alone, sometimes I jump when I hear the phone ring. I just yearn for you to be home all the time.

But we chose this life, we jumped with both feet into this and I refuse to let us sink. YOU are our rock, our foundation. You are the reason I don’t give up. I can do this “trucker’s wife” thing…but only because I have you.

So, as you drive hundreds of miles today, remember there are 3 people who love you, support you, are SO proud of you, and were waiting…impatiently.

ohhh…. those air brakes ❤


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