My wedding day wasn’t the best day of my life.

I was reading a blog a little bit ago about a woman who said her wedding day, and I quote, “was the best day of my whole life”.

This made me think. I am bad about pondering on certain words, I enjoy learning new words, what they mean and how important they are, their significance to me.

-BEST- is a word most people use multiple times in one day.

But I started to think about my wedding day. My husband and I wanted something simple, but fitting for us. Our favorite place to go is the beach, so it was only right to get married there. We started planning..correction…I started planning. I think his exact words were “I will show up when you need me to be there babe, you got the rest”…exactly what every woman LOVES to hear. But he is a rugged, rough around the edges, nothing excites him, southern type of man! I did not expect him to be doing cartwheels during this!

We managed to get through the planning without losing too much hair! So off to the beach we went. My wedding day was exactly what I had pictured when I was a little girl. There were some people who did not come, my grandfather was not able to walk me down to my husband, but he was there in spirit, and for that I am thankful! But it was short,sweet, and to the point. We celebrated with family and friends and went on our married way afterwards


My wedding day, was not the best day of my was definitely one of my MOST favorite days, but I have yet to have the “best day of my life”.

I am not certain I will ever have the best day of my life. It is really hard to top marrying your absolute best friend, bringing two little amazing boys into this world, getting to do life with them three EVERY SINGLE DAY…that is what life is about. That is my -B E S T- quality.


How could I ever pick one certain day to be the BEST. Every day I get to spend my time with the most important people in my life, how blessed am I?? VERY!!!! I could never thank God enough for allowing me to have the time I do with these three everyday.

Do not look for your wedding day to be the “best day of your life” , but look for it to be one of your favorites. Make everyday you spend with your loved ones mean something, make them special. You should strive every morning to make that day the best. Make sure when you are 80 you can look back on your life and say “I had the best life during my days”

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