Stop Stressin’..

I literally Google’d “how to be less stressed” this morning…


HA! Jokes on me.

The websites, blogs, statistics, strategies that popped up were slightly disturbing and a little discouraging.

One suggestion was “to take 5 deep breaths and then let it go”. I’m already breathing..deeply i might add, and I am asking HOW TO LET IT GO, so you are no help..on to the next one.

“Do something everyday that you love and helps to relax you.” If you want me to do this, the day is going to need more hours in it. Like I don’t think I could fit much more into my days.

So I got off google, because obviously these answers are not what I was looking for… and started thinking about it. I just sat at my desk and thought about what I was REALLY stressing about.

I am stressing over such ridiculous things. Like the fact that my 3 year old has more imagination than my 5 year old. My thoughts go like this..I was too hard on him, I expected too much. Why doesn’t he want to explore? We don’t spend enough time outside. This is my fault.

The phone rings. Its my husband and the conversation literally goes like this.

Him: “hey babe, what are you doing?”

Me: “Writing, what are you doing?”

Him:”Steve pays you to write?”

Me:”No! Well, yeah I guess since I’m doing it here! haha”


Him:”What’s wrong?”

Me:”I think I’m way too hard on the kids, like I’m not a fun mom. I think I need to let them have more fun. I need to be a better mom. I gotta change it, I want them to love being with me.”

Him:” You are being way too hard on yourself. Sometimes we go a little overboard. You are not a bad mom…”

And then he literally says everything I need to hear to calm me and remove the stress weighing on me. God was there in my time of need, He made my husband call me, talk to me, rationalize with me. As he talks I feel this sense of relief. This temporary burden being lifted.

Google didn’t give me that, God did. He gave my husband those words of confirmation. Our lives are far from normal or easy but I couldn’t thank God enough for it. Those little boys are my whole entire world. I would have absolutely nothing without them.


Guys, the stress is temporary. We need to stop looking for answers in all the wrong places. We need to stop thinking we aren’t as good as the woman or man we see on Facebook doing the parenting thing SO RIGHT. The impact social media has on our lives is terrible. If we turned to the Bible as much as we turned to the internet there wouldn’t be near as much second guessing. There would be no unneeded stress. We would be getting the right answers.


I am vowing to open my Bible more and my social media apps less, how about you?

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