I am a female, not a feminist.

A REAL feminist is someone who advocates for women to be treated equally in the aspects of politics, the economy, and in the social world. They advocate for women to be treated equal.

When God created man and woman, he in fact did not create us in equality. He created us (women) from man…stew on it!

I am no Bible wiz, I wish I was, and I am working on digging into it more, day by day I learn something new from reading. But this topic has seriously consumed my mind over the last couple of days since the new president has stepped into office.

Do I think a woman should be able to get any job a man can? sure. But honestly are you (WOMEN) going to play in peoples poop for $12 an hour? Because that is what your local city water and sewer division does on a daily basis. My husband did it for less than that a hour for over a year. Oh my gah, eww.. why? Well because we have two children and whatever money we could make was what we needed, and would do any job for it. How about most construction workers??? Oh yeah, you’re going to go out every single day, some days its 100 degrees, sometimes its 20 degrees? HAHAHA yeah right.

I can tell you right now I wouldn’t. Ya’ll women need to think about what you were brought to life for. What the reasons are that God breathed his air into Eve’s lungs, creating a woman in His image.

He made us to bare children, to make a house a home, to raise children, to love unconditionally, be a woman of God, heal a boo-boo with a kiss, greet our husbands with love and affection when he comes home from busting his tail all day at work.

Am I saying we shouldn’t work at all? Absolutely not, I have a full time job, fulfill the jobs of a wife and mother daily too. We as women are to be strong on the inside, endure pain a man could not even imagine. We are here to love those same men, even when they leave their clothes in the bathroom, beside the dirty clothes hamper. We are to teach these sweet little humans we spent 9 months growing, to love the Man who created us all, who gave them to us. We are here to pray for our family.

Ladies do not lose sight of your internal job, the job God gave you when he created you.  To be women of God, daily.

I think it is awesome women go to college and get their degrees and go on to be very successful women, I am not trying to at all take that away from you. I think women should be able to run businesses, own them even. Yes, absolutely. Be politicians, be socialist, be cops, firemen (or women, idk how to say that correctly), be pro athletes, be millionaires. I believe there are so many great things women are capable of.

It is okay to want the same job a man has, if you want it, go get it! Just like a man would if he wanted it.

We are not the same. If you need to be reassured that, grab the right Book.


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