the silence is so loud.

My house is a circus..right now..animals and all.

If my kids are not acting like a bunch of crazy monkeys, my dog is carrying around a stuffed animal as if it is her baby, growling at any and everyone that looks at her. My other dog is growling…don’t ask why because I still cannot find an answer to that.

Any given day I am a referee, a coach, a teacher, a cook, a taxi driver, a boo-boo fixer, an actress, a maid, a problem solver, but most of all I am “mom.”

By the time 7pm rolls around I am SO past ready for these humans (and dogs) to go to bed, it couldn’t happen fast enough. We manage to somewhat take a bath, or we skip it because lets be honest, who wants put them in the bathtub to splash water all over the floor you just mopped?? We might get jammies on, or we may just go for least its not a diaper anymore, right?! ( HA..The money you thought you were going to save is actually going to cleaning supplies due to the fact that they cannot manage to hit the big hole on the bottom of the toilet.)

You get them in the bed with a cup of chocolate milk, they say their prayers, you kiss them on the forehead, tuck them in, and shut their door.

The minute you walk out, the silence is overwhelming. It is so loud, you are wishing those crazy monkeys you couldn’t wait to put to bed would hollar for you, needing you right then. You are sitting in the recliner watching the TV show they love. You are picking up the toys they refused to clean up, and you were way too over it to argue. You are folding the laundry you have dried for the fourth time. The noise is gone, but your thoughts are so loud.

You start asking yourself, was it really that hectic or were you trying to have is so together you were overreacting. Did they really have to eat that last bite or were you being too dramatic. The water they spilled out of the bathtub was JUST WATER..not sticky apple juice, you could’ve let them play a little longer.

All of this is just a reminder there is no book to this parent thing. There is nothing saying you are doing it right, or wrong. But these babies don’t keep, you will not get another chance to raise them. Squeeze them a little tighter, give them one extra kiss, let them splash a little longer..because one day, you will be in a toy free, kid free, SILENT home and will be only remembering those moments.



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