be selfish.

I want to be selfish.

I want to be so wrapped up in my life, I don’t have time to worry about someone else’s.

Doesn’t every person deserve to be selfish?

If we would spend half the amount of time we spend on social media, text messaging, gossiping…and lets all face it, that is what were doing, if we would spend that time with our family, we would be living the life we deserve. Don’t waste your time watering someone else’s garden when your own is withering.

We, and I am speaking for most women because we are the true champs of gossip, would stop judging another woman life by her pictures on instagram and worry about what our kids are eating or watching on TV we would be better moms. Myself included. A picture is  O N L Y a picture ladies. She could’ve went to the only room in her house that was clean and took that picture that read “i love a clean house”…because she too is wrapped up in the number of likes she can get.

If we had facebook and instagram and twitter and whatever else there is out there to warp our minds taken away, and could only communicate with a telephone call, this would change. We would become more selfish. We would spend time making memories instead of posts. We would spend so much more time focused on what we really care about verses if Sue really did “wake up like that”, and wishing you could wake up looking that good. (BTW..we all know you did not wake up with the perfectly straight hair and makeup lookin that fresh…girl bye).

Ladies, LET IT GO.

Be the kind of woman you want your daughter to be, or the kind of woman you want your son to marry. Spend your time working on that. Take some time to yourself to thank the Man upstairs for giving you this life. Don’t let this world of social media corrupt you. We have a job to do. Moms, we were given these children from God. There was a reason He didn’t let men bare babies, or give them that motherly sense. (If you know a man that could handle it, let me meet him pleaseee!?!)

Own it! Because we only get one chance at this!  If you need a day to yourself, or even a few hours, take it! These men we are married to, or in a relationship with..they need us to be 100%. And let me just tell you, I am NOT 100% all day everyday.

Be selfish..take pride in yourself, in your dirty house because your beautiful, God made children tore it apart. Take pride in the messy bun, no make-up, but you did make it to the gym day. Hey at least you worked out long enough to compensate that cheeseburger from McDonald’s you just ate.

If we can’t stop comparing our lives long enough to enjoy our own, we have missed out on life’s simplest and greatest blessing.

Chin up

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