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My name is Kayleigh, I am from a small town in North Carolina, and there’s no place like home. I have always enjoyed writing but wasn’t sure how to expand my hobby so others could enjoy it. My mom told me one day I should start a blog, people don’t have to be perfect and write “the correct English way” to be bloggers. So I started. I grabbed a notebook and started writing. I am a woman who until recently was just going through the motions. Doing the mom and wife thing best I could and just making it work day in and day out. But I have come to realize my happiness is what my family is grounded on. If I am not truly happy, my family is reaping that. So I started soul searching, letting go of baggage, deciding to be the ruler of my emotions, the author who writes my book..I don’t want anyone else to have that power. My life is changing right before my eyes. I have hit my knees because I had nowhere else to go.


God has started moving mountains for me, and my heart is happy. I am married to a God fearing, hard working, gold hearted man who has been my rock for so many years. He gave me two stubborn, strong willed, beautifully handsome little boys who rock my world on a daily basis…and with all of this, Thanks be to God. I couldn’t be who I am today without those four people!

I hope you enjoy your reads, find something that hits home for you, and always remember you are not alone!


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